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Hi everyone. Let me start by saying thanks for taking the time to play! Feel free to use this space as a free for all. You can post about anything, especially:

  • Feature Ideas
  • Bugs
  • Questions
  • Share Experiences

If you are interested in doing in depth testing feel free to shoot an email at me here:


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Hello Tiny Phoenix! I was exposed to this game in the IGDA Discord, and gave it about an hour or so of playthroughs. I'll put my brief first impressions below:

- Theme was inventive, unique, and fun, as intended. Excited to see future variations on the theme/worlds/characters. In line with theme, swapping out the crystals for something canine-related seems appropriate!

- Controls and mechanics were overall smooth. The jump height felt appropriate, though jumping isn't strictly critical other than getting out of and into the ship. No issues with movement, aiming, and firing.

- Level design was thoughtfully executed. The procedural level generation is pretty great. Didn't get boxed in or stranded, and typically there was enough space per level to move around and enough cover. Colliders seem set a little close to the trees and some models causing some clipping as i walked by. Cannon explosions seemed to mess with or bug my character briefly but didnt test it enough. I think implemented 3D projectiles would go a long way, in 3D space it is difficult to judge the position of the projectile sprites relative to the character. Sometimes I felt like would surely be hit with no impact, other times the opposite. Shadows and particles might help, or just 3D implementation (though costly to processing).

- I'm torn on whether or not I like the fact that my laser negates an enemy laser. Most of the time it makes it too easy to stand in front of a cannon endlessly firing with no consequence. Other times, it would be impossible to survive otherwise.

- Not sure if there is point to bone and "cat-tag" collection at this point in the game, I stopped going for them. If for scoring only, it would be good to keep a "high score" so I could beat it.

- Loved the particle effects in the game so far! 

Overall it was a great game! I played through it more times than I intended to at first and found it fun and engaging! I have a few other opinions. But I'll save for the next iteration. I'll be sure to pass the game around to friends to playtest!

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Thanks for taking the time to give a thorough review. You have some great points. 

The crystals have their place but it is lost without the intro story. The basic idea is that the crystals are shards of your ships engine that breakaway when you get sucked into a worm hole. To try to take the worm back you first need to collect the shards that have been scattered across the worlds in the solar system. We should have an intro sequence ready in the next major update.

You're right about the jump not being very critical. I think that is good because we're looking to target mobile and jumping accuracy falls off fast with on screen joysticks. Still though I think it's fun and it does help with dodging bullets.

We've put a lot of effort into the level generation so I'm glad it made a good first impression. We still need to get a little fancier with tile population, that is soon to come.

Having 3D projectiles is a great suggestion. I may just be able to fudge the 2D a bit into looking 3D. Wither way you're right that they do need some work. I think they also need a shadow or something to help indicate their height.

The lasers canceling out on collision is something that I think just needs a bit more tuning rather than removal. I think we can also have this be different per enemy or change as difficulty increases. 

Right now bones and cat tags don't have a use. However they are saved and persist between play sessions. An inventory view is next on the list. Eventually I think we'll use them for unlocking items and upgrading weapons. We do need a leader board as well. 

Thanks again for all the comments. Look forward to hearing back from you with the next release!

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